David Schwarz

Hi Alan, Thank you very much for dropping the car off with us on Sunday. We had a great time in Cornwall for the three days with the dog. We left the locked car with the keys in the trunk under the mat right next to where you left it with us. I had no problems with the car and it ran great. I left about as much gas as was in it when we received it. Do let us know what site is best to write a review for you? .

John White

Hi Alan, James White here. Just left the car in the Penzance car park with a day ticket. It's in the middle column on the north side, pretty near the train tracks . Thanks for use of a great car! .


Hi Allan, I just wanted to say thank you for the car. We had a fabulous time touring Cornwall and got quite attached to it I hope we left it ok for you. Kind regards, Louise.


Hi Alan. I've just parked at the airport in the arrivals opp row 12. Ticket is in the glove box with key. Thanks for making car hire easy Dolores.

Julian Woods

Thanks Alan- great service, hope to use you again one day!

Julian Woods

Alison Johnston

Hi Alan Alison Johnston here just wanted to let you know that the car is at the hotel st moritz ready for collection anytime If we are not about we will leave the keys at reception and cat parked in bay for 203 It was just great Such a lovely time thanks and car worked out great Thanks .

Karen Morris

Hello Linda and Allen Karen Morris here. Just to say a big thank you for a smashing little car, fab service with the nicest people running it !! Will def use your services again. Pleasure to have met you ! See you next time thanks agin. Xx.

Claire Shinner

Thanks Alan - we will be recommending you to all our Australian visitors requiring a car! Thanks for the great service.

Jon Najimian

Hi, folks,Per Callum's instructions, I have left the Mazda parked in the return area, nose out in the front row. I'm not sure just how many miles we put on her, but the little beast served us well! I'll gladly recommend Croftlea Car Hire to any future renters.  Please let me know which review sites to visit. Thanks again!   Regards,  Jon Najimian 

Vanita Andrews

Lovely to meet you and your wife. Everything went well with the car & it was a great service I'd use again. Hope you found the 10 pounds in boot for petrol. I'd topped up the day before leaving however it came down a bit in the drive to airport. Thanks again! Much more personal, friendly service using you guys!